This is the cultural club of IIPM. It focuses on bringing out the very best in our students through series of cultural activities to provide freshness and vigour into the minds of the budding managers.
The club members organize, plan, execute and stay in touch with the corporates to raise sponsors (where ever required).
Few events organized by ALCHEMY are: cultural fest of IIPM: AMAZE, PT competition, T competition , Entrepreneurial talks, seminars, etc.


Torque is the sports club which undertakes all the sports activities in IIPM.
The Club has the following objectives:
To develop the spirit of team work
To cultivate and enhance PQ (Physical Quotient)
To develop sportsman’s goal oriented attitude among budding managers
To provide healthy means of recreation.


The objective of the foundation is to do everything possible in order to achieve the Great Indian Dream of making India an educated, healthy nation, free of poverty and its inhuman indignities.
The foundation networks with institutions doing credible work at the grassroot level in the three developmental fronts namely health, education and employment.
The Foundation networks with institutions which are doing credible work at the grassroots level in the three developmental fronts namely health, education and employment.
The compulsory activities include GID newsletter, GID Social Project Work, GID Social Development Initiative.


This club is the Research and Exploration Centre for Accelerated Learning & Living
The club encourages students to live a creative, fulfilled and engaged life.
The club helps students in facing new challenges, seizing new opportunities, testing their resources against the unknown and in the process, discovering their own unique potential.


STAGE » Students for Theatrics & Generic Evolution
Art and culture plays a pivotal role in shaping the personality of an individual.
The objective of the club is to bring out the best in performing arts in students.
Members of the club are involved in activities like street plays, dance and musical dramas, and other related activities.


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